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About Us

Providing Australasia With Quality, Affordable Healthcare Products™

Based in Balcatta Western Australia, Perrigo Australia develops, manufactures and distributes OTC and generic prescription (Rx) pharmaceuticals, infant milk formulas and hospital products. Perrigo Company is the world's largest manufacturer of OTC pharmaceutical products for the store brand market.

At Perrigo, our mission is clear - to provide quality, affordable, healthcare products. An essential part of that mission, of course, is quality.

"Quality" is more than a concept at Perrigo, it is our most important priority. That is why we continually invest our time and resources in the quest to achieve ever higher levels of quality execution and quality products - for you, our own family members and everyone who uses our products.

Ethical Care

Delivering health care value across the hospital and pharmacy counter

The Ethical Care Division is responsible for the sales of Perrigo and Rx products into Australia and New Zealand. The sales and customer service team provide support to all hospitals, day surgeries and retail pharmacies around Australia and New Zealand. 

The range of products is large and varied with over 100 products sold in many therapeutic areas. This includes specialised products like progesterone pessaries for IVF patients and Fentanyl intranasal used for patient pain relief in many Ambulances. Largest product areas are the dermatology, antiseptic and disinfectant products which include a comprehensive range of skin preps and hand hygiene products.    

Consumer Healthcare

Delivering health care value on the retail shelf

The Consumer Healthcare Division is primarily focused on delivering Private Label or Storebrand and Over the Counter (OTC) medicines to the Australian and New Zealand markets. We identify store brand requirements for specific customers, and assist you the customer to establish your exclusive product range in the market, and successfully compete against multi-national brands, whilst still offering a quality value for money alternative.

Perrigo Company's key points of difference are the focus on quality and innovation to create a competitive advantage.

Infant Milk Formula

Leading the way in store brand infant formula

Perrigo is one of the largest manufacturers of store branded infant milk formula in the world. Providing families an alternative to the national branded infant milk formulas, Perrigo delivers products that are of quality and nutrition at an affordable price.  Today, Perrigo has widened their distribution network and has included Australia, which has recently launched their very first store branded infant milk formula into this market.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing Providing the technical expertise and capabilities to meet your needs

Perrigo provides contract manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical industry under your own brand label. Contract manufacturing in your own label provides you creative design and opportunity to establish or grow an existing brand presence in the market. Complete our new business enquiry form on line today.


Maintaining strong distribution partnership in Australasia

Building on its strong domestic base, Perrigo is seeking to further expand its international business. Currently, Perrigo exports to NZ, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and other countries. Already we have partners that distribute into many countries worldwide and we are continuing this expansion. Please complete a new business enquiry form today to see how Perrigo and your business can partner in distribution.