Our Ethical Products

Quality and Affordable Hospital Products since 1985

Perrigo Australia Sales and Marketing, Quality, Regulatory and Production teams work together to provide a broad range of Ethical pharmaceutical products sold into Australian Hospitals, Pharmacies and Clinical Practices.

The range of products is large and varied with over 150 products sold in many therapeutic areas. The largest product areas are the hormone, dermatology, antiseptic and disinfectant products which include a comprehensive range of skin preparations and hand hygiene products.

You may recoginse many of the brands that are used in hospitals are also available in retail pharmacy. Some of these brands include L.M.X.4 for pain free needle procedures, Riodine for antisepsis, sore throats and first aid, Surgi- Gel for Lubrication and Mucosoothe for painful mouth ulcers.

Hospitals across Australia and New Zealand have utilised Perrigo’s Hospital products in their daily practice and patient care relying on their quality and affordability. Many of the products that are sold are manufactured here in Australia in our Balcatta facility in Perth.

Perrigo have now expanded the areas that we sell our Ethical product ranges to and these now include GP and Specialist Surgeries, Wholesale, Vet and Dentists. As you can see from the vast Product categories, with Perrigo products there is sure to be something that you will find for your clinical practice.


Surgin-gel plus