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Corporate Social Responsibility

Perrigo's sense of responsibility and commitment that extends beyond the doors or operations, allows Perrigo to thrive in today's business landscape. Perrigo has a strong commitment to doing business in an ethical manner and taking responsibility for its full social and environmental impact. We have a long history of environmentally sound and efficient operations, safe and healthy working conditions, and active participation in the communities where we work.

Perrigo has a significant impact on the world. We employ almost 9,000 people, have millions of consumers taking our products every day and support one of the most sophisticated pharmaceutical operations in the world. Our commitment to conduct our business with integrity, respect and responsibility drives our view of sustainability as a balance of doing what is right for our People, Plant and Performance.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment Statement highlights seven areas that are at the heart of our efforts:

Helping consumers access safe, effective and affordable healthcare products

Perrigo is committed to helping consumers manage their healthcare needs while also managing their costs. To help us meet our commitment, we invest in robust quality systems that enable us to manufacture high-quality products while keeping our production costs low.   Read More »


Complying with regulatory and legal requirements

Our company is subject to numerous laws and regulations across the globe that govern everything from the way we manufacture our products to the work environment we provide our employees. In addition, the way we do business is guided by our code of conduct and corporate values, and monitored through our compliance program.   Read More »

Demonstrating environmental stewardship

We adhere to good manufacturing practices while keeping a close eye on our environmental impact. We have programs in place at each location to understand our impact on energy use, water consumption, and declining ecosystem services through closely monitoring our ecological footprint.   Read More »

Continuously improving packaging sustainability

Perrigo Australia is commited to reducing the environmental impacts of consumer packaging. More and more, companies are being asked by customers and consumers to minimize the creation of packaging waste material.   Read More »


Protecting human rights of our global employees and challenging our partners to do the same

Respecting the human rights of our employees is a core value and one that we expect our business partners to share. This includes fostering an environment where employees can contribute their ideas, ask questions, raise concerns and be respected for their abilities.   Read More »

Providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees

Perrigo is committed to fostering an environment that supports employee productivity and protects them on the job. We have a strong culture of safety in all of our operations, and we provide benefits and programs that encourage health and wellness amongst all of our employees and their families.   Read More »

Establishing effective community partnerships

We impact the communities in which we operate in many ways, through our charitable donations, volunteering and support of local businesses.   Read More »

Through these efforts, Perrigo can minimize its impact on the environment, drive responsible business practices and ensure the welfare of its employees now and into the future.

Corporate Social Responsibility