Complying with Regulatory and Legal Requirements

Perrigo is subject to many laws and regulations across the globe that governs everything from the way we manufacture our products to the work environment we provide our employees. Our commitment to compliance with these laws and regulations begins with every employee's personal commitment to our core values – Integrity, Respect and Responsibility. These core values empower our employees to do what is right, thereby ensuring we comply with laws, regulations, and internal policies and procedures.

While we believe our core values lay the foundation for our compliance program, we also continue to enhance our compliance program in other ways. Perrigo's Code of Conduct explains these core values and compliance expectations for all employees and at all levels of our global organization.

  • Our CEO is assisted by our Compliance and Corporate Values Committee (CCVC), a globally represented group of sr. leadership whose objective is "to promote an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with laws, rules and regulations applicable to the Company's business operations, at each site, by living out the Company's core values."
  • The CCVC is supported by our centralized Global Corporate Compliance Group, which is responsible for overseeing our compliance program, identifying areas of risk and performing audits to assess compliance.
  • Perrigo provides an anonymous hotline so that all employees can feel free to speak up if they believe they have witnessed conduct that is not aligned with our core values or find themselves in a situation that challenges that alignment. The hotline is accessible in local languages by phone or internet and is operated by an independent third party.

To assist our employees in meeting their compliance responsibilities and understanding available resources, we provide both online and in-person training, while requiring an annual review and certification of the code by all employees.

Together, our compliance program and resources provide guidelines to help everyone at Perrigo act with integrity, respect and responsibility.