Sorbolene with Glycerine 10% discontinuation letter


Perrigo Australia wishes to advise that we have discontinued the following products:

SOR01089F Sorbolene cream with glycerine 10% 100g
SOR01560F Sorbolene cream with glycerine 10% 500g pump

Perrigo Australia is committed to providing you with only the highest quality products and sincerely regrets any inconvenience these product discontinuations may cause. 
An alternative to these products is available:

HYD03298F Hydraderm® Lotion Pump 300g
HYD03297F Hydraderm® Cream Jar 500g

If you have any questions regarding the deletion of this product, please contact our Perrigo Customer Service Department on 1800 805 546.

Sorbolene with glycerin 10 discontinuation letter