Protecting Human Rights of Our Employees and Challenging Our Partners to Do the Same

Perrigo is committed to protecting the human rights of our global employees. We work hard to provide a work environment where employees are respected for their abilities and encouraged to contribute their ideas, ask questions and raise concerns.

Perrigo encourages leaders to take responsibility for planning their talent strategy and supporting employees in their performance and learning so everyone can achieve their goals. The strategic approach used at Perrigo to develop employees while also supporting the business goals is referred to as the Talent Management approach. We stay committed to our employees through the planning, performing, learning and achieving process.

Perrigo is also committed to ensuring that its suppliers, regardless of location, comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct and enforce these principles throughout their own supply chains. Our Supplier Code of Conduct defines the guiding principles that Perrigo expects its suppliers to follow with respect to employment conditions, environmental responsibility, legal and ethical business practices, and facility security and inspections. By adhering to these principles, our suppliers contribute to the quality of life in the communities in which they operate and help protect Perrigo's hard-earned reputation as a company that "does what is right."

Programs that Perrigo has in place to protect human rights include:

  • Annual third-party social responsibility audits conducted at Perrigo sites and suppliers in numerous geographic regions to ensure Perrigo is sourcing responsibly.
  • Positive work environment training required of all Australian employees.
  • As an equal opportunity employer, Perrigo has affirmative action plans in all Australian sites.
  • An ethics hotline available to all employees globally to ask questions and report concerns and violations anonymously.
  • Working with customers to ensure that our policies and programs meet their social compliance expectations as well as our own.

Together, we strive to ensure Perrigo is a safe, ethical and responsible place of business across the globe.