Providing a Safe and Healthy Work Environment for Our Global Employees

Perrigo is committed to protecting our global employees. Our commitment to health and safety is based on the conviction that our performance in these areas will reflect our overall performance and, therefore, the success of our business.

We believe that health and safety responsibility begins with the leadership team and extends throughout the organization. Each employee has the responsibility, through personal example, to create an atmosphere in which everyone shares concern for the safety and security of their fellow workers.

We continually evaluate our safety systems and programs to judge their effectiveness, ensure continuing improvement and maintain our strong safety culture.

Perrigo recognizes that safety and health are personal as well as job-related. Personal wellness programs are available for all U.S. locations and we are actively expanding these programs to locations outside the U.S. These programs typically include:

  • Monthly wellness events and medical exams such skin cancer, breast cancer, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes symptom screenings
  • Periodic presentations on topics such as nutrition, ergonomics, smoking cessation and dieting designed to raise awareness and encourage healthy lifestyles
  • PERRIGO-ACTIVE program supports our employees' ability to lead an active lifestyle through lectures on fitness, activity tracking and individual counseling sessions on subjects such as weight problems, body fat percentage and blood pressure.

Through company-sponsored programs, Perrigo fosters a safe work environment and supports our employees' personal health.