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Quality and product safety

Maintaining the highest standards to keep our consumers safe. 

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High standards to make the world a healthier place

At Perrigo, our priority is consumer health and safety. We have built our company around high standards across the board. 

Our mission is to make the world a healthier place. It begins with our commitment to consumers.

Ensuring holistic quality management of every single product

Our industry is heavily regulated to protect consumers who depend on our products being safe and effective. And at the end of the day, we are all consumers of the products we make. This is always front of mind when ensuring that all our manufacturing processes and facilities meet our precise requirements.


Consistently adhering to regulatory and industry requirements

When manufacturing and shipping our products, we are governed by multiple laws and regulations. We excel in managing the high level of complexity involved. 

Our corporate values drive us to go above and beyond to deliver the highest quality self-care products.  

Dedicated to the safety of our people and our products

We continually strive to exceed regulations, provide our employees with the latest training and ensure the workplace is a safe environment. This means we can deliver consistently high-quality self-care products to our customers and consumers.