Helping Consumers Access Safe, Effective and Affordable Healthcare Products

Perrigo's mission is to provide quality, affordable healthcare products. We have an unrelenting focus on quality so that every product meets or exceeds the expectations of consumers, customers and regulatory agencies. For example:

  • Perrigo's store brand over-the-counter (OTC), generic prescription and infant nutritional products are subject to the same government oversight and FDA manufacturing standards as name brand products.
  • Perrigo's OTC and generic prescription products are subject to pre-approval inspections by the FDA as part of the approval process for an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA).
  • Perrigo recognizes the role that pediatrician recommendations play in choosing which product parents provide to their children. We actively reach out to pediatricians in order to ensure accurate understanding of infant pain reliever doses and dosage deliveries, so that doctors and parents can treat children safely and effectively.
  • Our child resistant packaging meets or exceeds requirements established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

We invest in robust quality systems that enable us to manufacture high-quality products while keeping our production costs low. As a result, consumers are able to purchase our equivalent products at a significant discount compared to name brand products.

One way we demonstrate our success in delivering high-quality, low-cost products to consumers is our ability to make products right the first time. Doing things right the first time is a value instilled in our culture and a main driver of our commitment to quality. Quality serves as a cornerstone of our social responsibility efforts and our business strategy, enabling Perrigo to provide quality, affordable healthcare products to consumers worldwide.